Bevs Denim Bags

‚ÄčThe Story


I started by making denim grocery totes for presents for friends. My husband asked me to save one that had a Wrangler's pocket on it from his old jeans. Every time I used it at the grocery store, someone asked me where I got it and I replied that I made it. "Oh, you should sell those."  After hearing this many times I decided that was a good idea and started a small business. The next summer we sold bags at the Farmer's Market in Roslyn, WA. and had lots of fun.  

Business started up again in spring 2015 after we moved to Mount Vernon. We are at the Farmer's Market in town starting this summer. It's at a great site by the Skagit River. I've gotten good ideas from friends and customers, had fun finding delightful designs on jeans, and used my imagination to create my products.

    See you at the Mount Vernon Farmer's Market  

          May 27 - Sept. 30, 2017